I sign the call

Each year, billions of animals are murdered in slaughterhouses; the Amazonian forest and its rich ecosystem are burnt to smoke, the soils and the waters are polluted while the climate is disrupted… our agricultural system based on livestock farming is violent and is the main reason for the disastrous condition of our planet.

Yet, the actors of this deleterious industry will quietly gather in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand, from the 4th to the 6th of October, during the Livestock Summit (Sommet de l’Elevage) to keep developing and perpetuating this outdated and harmful agricultural model. 88 000 visitors are expected in this international event to highlight the technical innovations, make animal competitions, award business contracts… while this activity is the cause for multiple violence, local as well as global, individual as collective;

  • Violences against the billions of enslaved animals, sequestered in shameful conditions to be slaughtered;
  • Environmental and climatic violence: livestock farming is responsible for 80% of the destruction of the Amazonian forest and generates more greenhouse gases than all transports combined;
  • Psychological and physical violences against the people who work in slaughterhouses under appalling conditions;
  • Economical violence against farmers who suffer the race for productivism from the industrials and who don’t benefit anymore from this activity;
  • Sanitary violence against the consumers, victim of the agri-food propaganda: obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers… are due in great part to the excessive consumption of meat and dairy products.

It is unacceptable, in the 20th century, to keep letting industries speculate on the slavery of other species, on our health and the health of our planet. Summits and shows such as the Livestock summits are an indecency, a violation of our dignity and of the dignity of animals who live a life of hell to enrich multinational companies.

Ending livestock farming is a vital emergency for our society. We ask for the Livestock Summit to be replaced by a Transition Summit toward a 100% plant-based, ecological and local agriculture; a Summit to offer solutions to accompany the farmers and workers of this field through a conversion.

Livestock farming relies on domination, and all forms of domination are forms of injustice and violence. For a peaceful, fair, sustainable and non-violent society, we must abolish livestock farming!

I sign the call